Innovations for Choice and Autonomy (ICAN)


ICAN  aims to introduce and support women’s use of self-injection (SI) to enhance their contraceptive agency

The ICAN project is rooted on the idea that women’s autonomy and decision-making should be a key priority in all sexual and reproductive health (SRH) efforts. Through a variety of research methods, scalable approaches tailored to meet women’s needs are being identified, developed, and evaluated.

The project identifies women’s interest in and preferences related to SI in the context of a full basket of contraceptive options and then works to develop and evaluate implementation approaches for supporting the use of SI across public and private retail channels. In addition, ICAN seeks to develop a new measure of contraceptive agency as a woman’s ability to make and act on contraceptive decisions and to characterize its relationship with SI uptake and continuation.

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Approaches used in this project