Conversation Guide: Talking Points on Design

This conversation guide provides design pioneers and design advocates in the Global Health community with credible, relatable, and concrete talking points that address the questions and concerns of others in the community who might be reluctant, curious or enthusiastic about using design in their work. While this guide has been developed from the point of view of a design pioneer, it can be used by anyone advocating on behalf of design in the global health community.

Inside you'll find:

  • An assessment tool that can help you identify and understand your audience
  • Talking points to address the concerns and needs of skeptics and new users of design
  • Resources and activities that support the talking points
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Conversation Guide: Talking Points on Design

51 Pages

"Point to the fact that design relies on qualitative data that helps it quickly identify trends and patterns. It starts with a nuanced understanding of what motivates a set of people and why. And then, through several rounds of iteration and testing, it provides data that informs designers what will work for a larger group or population. Working with relatively smaller groups of people allows design to go in-depth with that group, be flexible, test ideas quickly, and make pivots if necessary."