When reflecting on 'how much' design it is clear how design expertise can be applied differently in global health programs depending on the challenges, timelines, and resources available.

Designforhealth.org identifies three dosages of design that can contribute differently to your investment. The dosage of design is something that you will want to consider when exploring the role that design will play in your global health program.

Design as a spark

Apply design methods to spark new ideas, thinking, concepts or to deliver specific outputs as part of a larger program.

Design as an ingredient

Design is used in combination with other approaches across the program cycle.

Design as an end-to-end process

The program is scoped to match the design process through its entire cycle, from informing the program design at the start, to implementing solutions at the end.

The role that you choose for design to play will have  an impact on how you structure your investment and has implications for how you set up the contractual integration of the design expertise into your investment. Different types of contract structures lead to different dynamics between actors. Because of this it is important to set out who will lead the investment, and who is accountable to whom.


What is the role you see design to play in your investment?

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