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How to use this guide if this is your first time using this guide...

It is recommended that you go through the questions from beginning to end. At the end of each section, you'll find links to the next section and the previous section. You can also jump to a specific section from the outline provided below.

If you are new to design, or some of the terms or concepts here remain unclear, please also go to What is Design on the DesignforHealth site for an overview of human-centered design in global health.

If you are a returning visitor...

Please feel free to jump in where it makes the most sense given your particular question. Once you begin, you will be asked a series of questions.

You will then get some support with definitions, links to example projects, considerations and questions to be addressed in the proposals you receive and the conversations you should be having with potential design partners. You will also be provided some sample projects to more effectively immerse you in how these questions and issues play out in real time.