Cyber Rwanda

Two women are looking at a smartphone, only their torsos and chins are visible


CyberRwanda is a digital platform that aims to improve the health and livelihoods of young people by providing them with access to accurate and age-appropriate family planning and reproductive health information.

The CyberRwanda platform was co-designed with over 800 Rwandan youth, the CyberRwanda online platform and includes narrative storylines, a robust FAQ library, a youth-friendly pharmacy locator as well as gamified digital and in-person training for pharmacists at partnering health facilities.

Using youth-driven design approaches, every aspect of CyberRwanda - from the visual look and feel to the character names and FAQ content - was designed with input from over 800 young people and 200 parents, teachers, health care providers, and community leaders. This has helped ensure that the platform is not only fun and educational but also that the content, tone, and feel meet young people’s needs and are more impactful in addressing teen pregnancy and HIV prevention.

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2016 - 2024



Knowledge Area

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Approaches used in this project