Branding or communications materials


Brands and communications materials are vehicles for telling a story. They take considerable effort as one of the ways that the story told by communication materials and brands *come to life* is through products, services, and continuous communications. This necessitates deep and continuous engagement with users, and understanding of the landscape of influencers, and an ability for the eventual users to potential take ownership of the story that is being told. As a result this type of deliverable will draw on elements of all the previous deliverables.

Although different design partners may lean toward certain methods and corresponding outputs along the way to developing frameworks for rethinking and changing organizations and cultures, some typical outputs you should expect to see at the outset of the work include Alignment Workshop, Stakeholder Interviews, & Stakeholder Map. Critical to the process will then be Research Insights, Personas, Co-design Workshops, and a Project Roadmap. It is also important to note that different firms may name these outputs in slightly different ways. The list provided here will get you started on the conversation you will want to have with your design partner to get everyone on the same page.

Common outputs or deliverables

Tips and tricks

  • If you have any questions on any terminology check Glossary of design terms
  • Consider that design outputs are not formulaic or template-based, and so some design partners may use different terminology to refer to similar methods/outputs. On the flip side, sometimes design partners will use the same terminology and produce slightly different outputs in terms of level of detail or structure depending on the focus or information available.
  • Consider that these are just a selection of some of the more typical design outputs from a design process, though there are a myriad of others that are not listed here, and could be more useful for your objectives. Be open to the potential for other outputs not listed here, and use this set to guide conversations with your partner!


  • Beware of partners who believe there is only one way of creating a particular output and get them to work with you to ensure that you feel like you are able to track the progress of the investment through the production of outputs along the way.

Questions for potential partners

  • How would you describe your approach to developing outputs along the way? Are they only used internally for the design team or are they externally shareable as strategic decision-making tools?
  • How is the way you produce [name specific output(s)] different or the same from how other design partners may produce them?
  • Can you walk me through some examples of [name specific output(s)]? How did these outputs help you keep track of the project and successfully arrive at the final deliverable?

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