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What is Design for Health?

This primer aims to support global health practitioners who are trying to better understand how to engage design in their work. It provides information about the different design specialties and outlines the value each of them brings to the global heath process and to addressing global health challenges.


This document includes information on:

  • What design is

  • Design as a process, skillset and mindset

  • The different types of design skills

  • How this process links to global health

How was this resource developed?

Inputs were sought from global health practitioners and designers to understand how they talk about design, what types of design they have used, and the degree to which design has been implemented in various global health projects that they have been involved in. What is Design synthesizes their expert inputs.

Next steps:

We view these tools as evolving resources that continue to be developed and improved. As next steps, we hope to add relevant case studies that illustrate the different ways and intensities with which design has been implemented in global health projects.