“I often fail to see the value design provides to global health projects. I don’t understand how designers who are not experts in our field can contribute to these projects. I want a simple definition of design with no jargon. I’m looking for hard facts that demonstrate design’s impact, its inherent limitations, and its risks.”

my struggle with design

“I often don’t understand all these design concept and terms. I sometimes find that designers gloss over what we think is important and then say that we don’t understand design. I hear all the promises of what design can do, then I find they are entirely wrong. I see designers go and do field work, then they come back and tell us things we already knew from the start. What is the point?”


  • I need to learn about what design is without the jargon

  • I need to obtain some hard facts about the benefits of using design

  • I need to consider the limitations and implications of using design

The questions I have

I am interested in finding out answers to questions like: “What is design?”, “Why should I care about it?”, “How is design different from other approaches?” , “Who else is using it and how are they using it?”, “What are the risks involved in using it?”, “What am I going to get out of it?”

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