The Newbie

Is there anyone who can give me a plain and simple definition of what exactly you mean by design? It sounds like another fad to me...

Relevant Resources


I currently struggle to see the value design provides to global health projects. I don’t see how designers who are not subject matter experts can contribute to these projects. I want a simple definition of what design is without the use of any jargon, I want hard facts that demonstrate design’s impact and its inherent limitations and risks.


My needs

  • To learn about what design is without the jargon

  • To obtain some hard facts about the benefits of using design

  • To consider the limitations and implications of using design


My struggles with design

I really don’t understand all these design words.”

“Often, designers gloss over what we think is important and then say we don’t understand design.”

“I hear all the promises about what design can do, and they are all totally wrong.”

“I see these designers going to do field work and they come back to tell us things we already knew to begin with. What’s the point?

My questions

  • What is design?

  • Why should I care about design?

  • How is it different?

  • Who else is using it? How are they using it?

  • What are the risks involved in using it?

  • What am I going to get out of it?

My Requirements

No more design jargon gobbledygook. This needs to be in words I can actually understand.