Roadmap for Mainstreaming Design in Health

DesignforHealth is a group of funders, implementers, and designers committed to increasing the understanding, appropriate use, and value of design as an approach to help achieve global health goals. The use of design in health can lead to improvements in current practices and foster the development of innovative solutions.

Spearheaded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development’s Center for Innovation and Impact, the DesignforHealth community is on a journey to mainstream design across global health.

2017: berlin, germany

In November 2017, the first group of donors, implementers, and designers gathered at HCDUncut in Berlin, Germany to share opportunities and challenges related to the successful application of design in global health and co-create a vision for the future.

In the time since that first convening in Berlin, a broad set of advisors and committed partners collaborated to identify 7 opportunity areas to support the realization of the vision and develop the resources available on the DesignforHealth website.

2019: dakar, senegal

DesignforHealth - Nio Far Dakar brought this community of practice together again in April 2019, with the purpose to build on the groundwork already laid, driving it forward by creating actionable prototypes and a clear roadmap for realizing the shared vision. The DesignforHealth team synthezied the 7 opportunity areas into 5 actionable missions to work on during the convening.

During Nio Far Dakar, the 5 teams identified the key challenges and opportunity areas within each of the Mission topics and also developed prototypes and roadmaps in response to those challenges.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.13.55 AM.png

After the Dakar convening, the DesignforHealth team synthesized the output of 5 missions into 4 thematic areas organized around a series of activities.

The DesignforHealth roadmap presents a temporal plan of how the activities in these thematic areas can help us realize the goal of mainstreaming design in global health and development.