What is Design for Health?

Design is a craft and discipline that applies a specific mindset and skillset to a creative problem solving process, enabling the development of informed, sensitive, inclusive, purposeful, appealing, and innovative solutions. These solutions incorporate functional and aesthetic demands based on the needs and behavior of the people being designed for, as well as the broader systems within which they live. Design can be applied to the development of products, services, processes, messages, digital experiences, and environments.

Inside you'll find

  • History of Design in Health
  • Design Definitions‍
  • Design Disciplines
  • How does the Design process link to Global Health‍
  • How Design can help prioritise resources and drive alignment towards people's needs in Global Health


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What is Design for Health?

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Design alone is not enough, nor is it always the right approach for every challenge. Complex health challenges and the respective interventions to address these challenges generally require a multidisciplinary set of approaches and expertise. In this context, design can often be an effective complementary approach.”