Resources at a glance


1. What is Design for Health?

This primer aims to support global health practitioners who are trying to better understand how to engage design in their work. It provides information about the different design specialties and outlines the value each of them brings to the global heath process and to addressing global health challenges.

2. Glossary of Design Terms

Design terms can seem like jargon to non-designers, which can lead to miscommunication. This resource helps clarify the meanings of common design terms through definitions and examples.

3. Common Principles of
Design & Global Health

The Common Principles of Design & Global Health attempts to build a shared understanding, language, and sense of purpose between designers and global health practitioners. This set of simple statements, some more aspirational than others, demonstrates the alignment and commitment by designers to longstanding global health principles and values. This resource outlines a code of practice for design in global health and supports a stronger foundation for collaboration.

4. Value of Design

This resource helps articulate the benefits that design skills and mindsets can bring to global health projects. A curated set of statements connects the benefits of design to key challenges facing the global health community.


5. Project Library

This project database is meant to share knowledge and learnings from the application of design across a diverse range of global health projects. These examples can support the integration of design in future global health projects.

6. Complementary Approaches

Design is just one approach that can contribute to addressing global health challenges. Like any other approach, its benefits are amplified through collaboration. This resource provides a snapshot of different approaches and how they can complement one another when used together in global health projects.

7. Conversation Guide

This Conversation Guide provides design pioneers and design advocates in the global health community with credible, relatable, and concrete talking points that address the questions and concerns of others in the community who might be reluctant, curious, or enthusiastic about using design in their work. While this guide has been developed from the point of view of a design pioneer, it can be used by anyone advocating on behalf of design in the global health community.


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