Project Library

This project database is meant to share knowledge and learnings from the application of design across a diverse range of global health projects. These examples can support the integration of design in future global health projects.

How was this resource developed?

Inputs were sought from global health practitioners to determine the core characteristics and other information related to a project that would help support and promote the use of design in global health projects. The practitioners were then invited to add information to the database related to existing projects in which they have played a part.


This database includes key project details like:

  • Type of global health challenge

  • Type(s) of design capabilities applied

  • Level of design involvement

Next steps:

We view these tools as evolving resources that continue to be developed and improved. We hope to continue to add more projects to the database while also supplementing the information about projects that are already included. Such a resource can be useful for the entire community of practice including funders, designers, implementing partners, etc.


If you would like to include your project in this database, please submit the required information in the attached form.