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I currently struggle to see the value design provides to global health projects. I don’t see how designers who are not subject matter experts can contribute to these projects. I want a simple definition of what design is without the use of any jargon, I want hard facts that demonstrate design’s impact and its inherent limitations and risks.


“Is there anyone who can give me a plain and simple definition of what exactly you mean by design? It sounds like another fad to me...”

I have heard a lot about design, and I am curious to learn what it can contribute to my projects. However, I have not had a chance to try it out in any of my work and would like to know if and how I can do this. I want resources that help me understand the value of design, how it’s unique and how it can work with existing global health approaches.

“I wonder about how to integrate design into my work. To be honest, I am still unsure about how this is actually any different from what we already do.”

I have been a part of global health projects in which design was adopted as an approach. But I am not sure what value it adds, how it is different from other participatory approaches, and what type of problems it can tackle. I want to see how design can contribute in a consistent and sustainable manner that can be measured in some way.  

“I like the theory behind design but have not seen it work yet. I am going along for the ride, but I remain skeptical.”

I have seen the value design brings to global health projects and have collaborated with designers. But I am not comfortable talking about it. I struggle to articulate the value of design to others. I want tools and resources that help me talk about design more effectively.

“I’ve seen what design can do and I try to advocate for it, but I am no expert. I need better ways to guide and encourage others.”

I intimately understand the value design brings to global health projects, and I regularly work with design. I am comfortable talking and advocating on behalf of design and hope to see it being used more in projects as a complementary approach. I want to talk about the value of design in a way that global health practitioners can relate to.

“I advocate for design every day. It can help shape more effective global health programs and fundamentally change how we work by testing assumptions, increasing uptake, and breaking down programmatic silos.”