About Us

We are a global group of funders, implementing partners, and designers committed to the shared vision of design as an approach for achieving global health goals. 

For global health practitioners, including funders and implementing partners, we hope to provide resources and guidance that increase the understanding, appropriate use, and value of design as a complementary approach to better address the challenges we all encounter in our work.

For the design community, our goal is to better communicate the value of design in global health, clarify how design can integrate in global health programs, and attract the best designers in the global health space and support their engagement.

For the global community, we strive to listen to the people we seek to impact and include them as participants in the design and implementation of holistic and measurable global health interventions.

About Our Process

We used the design process on ourselves by interviewing and co-creating resources with a representative group of the global health community. Members of this group have either used or considered design thinking and processes in their day-to-day work. 

During our research process, we became aware of four key considerations that address the needs of global health practitioners who are considering the adoption and use of design. The practitioners:

  1. Seek clarity on what design is and how it differs and complements other approaches.

  2. Call for a vision of how design can address global health challenges.

  3. Require practical resources that illustrate how they can can maximize impact through the use of deign in their work.

  4. Want a roadmap of activities and commitments to strengthen the impact of design and advance our shared vision for global health.

Our process started back in 2017 and it keeps on evolving.

Our process started back in 2017 and it keeps on evolving.