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“I have seen the value design brings to global health projects and have collaborated with designers, but I struggle to articulate the value of design to others. I want tools and resources that will help me talk about design more effectively.”

my struggle with design

“Initially, it took me time to fully understand what design meant. How can I communicate what design is to others? We need a set of shared and commonly understood terms, so that we are all on the same page. I need to be able to defend a process that does not easily fit into traditional global health thinking and approaches.”

my needs

  • I need to help stakeholders understand what design can offer them.

  • I need to maintain integrity and quality of design-in-use.

  • I need to determine the right type of design, depending on the type of challenge.

  • I need to find out whom to work with, depending on the type of challenge.

  • I need to set up the project with the right conditions for success.

the questions I have

Some of the questions I need answers to are, “How can I articulate the value of design to others clearly?”, “How should I set the expectations for each stage of the design process with all the stakeholders involved?”, “How do I know if the design process is working well or not?”, “How do I set up the project for success?”

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