Sharing and Aligning Principles

This resource seeks to build a shared understanding, language, and sense of purpose between designers and global health practitioners. This set of simple statements, some more aspirational than others, demonstrates the alignment and commitment by designers to longstanding global health principles and values. This resource outlines a code of practice for design in global health and supports a stronger foundation for collaboration.



  • Global health precedents representing common accepted values or beliefs core to design

  • Succinct descriptions for each principle of design to communicate how it supports and enhances these precedents

how it was developed

We worked with global health practitioners to review commonly referenced sets of principles in global health. We identified a core set of common principles from across these sources that map most directly to design practice. We drafted a set of initial statements illustrating how design can adopt and strengthen these principles. We prototyped and tested these principles with a range of practitioners in both design and global health.

next steps

We view these tools as evolving resources that continue to be developed and improved. As designers work more with global health practitioners, the principles too can evolve with the practice.