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Conversation Guide

This Conversation Guide provides design pioneers and design advocates in the global health community with credible, relatable, and concrete talking points that address the questions and concerns of others in the community who might be reluctant, curious or enthusiastic about using design in their work. While this guide has been developed from the point of view of a design pioneer, it can be used by anyone advocating on behalf of design in the global health community.



The conversation guide includes:

  • An assessment tool that can help you identify and understand your audience

  • Talking points to address the concerns and needs of skeptics and new users of design

  • Resources and activities that support the talking points

How was this resource developed?

  • We spoke to people, from a representative cross-section of the global health community, who have encountered design in their work, so as to understand their questions and concerns about design’s use in global health.

  • We engaged a group of advisors consisting of designers, funders, implementing partners, and other global health and design experts to respond to these concerns.

  • These responses were then synthesized to identify themes around which the general talking points, resources, and activities have been built.

Next steps:

This can be an ever-growing repository of questions and concerns that global health practitioners might have and can provide relevant talking points that answer these questions and concerns. Over time, this guide can include more external resources from credible sources. Such references can support the use of design in tackling global health challenges.