The Complementary Approaches of Design

Design is just one approach that can help to address global health challenges. Like any other approach, its benefits are amplified through collaboration. This resource provides a snapshot of different approaches and how they can complement one another when used in global health projects.

The combination of skills and expertise afforded by multi-disciplinary approaches can benefit efforts to address global health challenges. Adopting these complementary approaches can generate insights that are more unique and nuanced, and that ultimately present innovative solution to address complex health problems that might not be generated when relying on a single approach.



  • A description of the approach

  • Typical outputs of the approach

  • Possible ways in which the approach can complement other approaches

how this resource was developed

A simple template for capturing some key features of an approach was developed based on inputs gathered from global health practitioners through discussions and participatory activities. Then experts from each of these approaches were asked to add information related to their area of expertise into the template.

next steps

We view these tools as evolving resources that continue to be developed and improved. Through your inputs and feedback this list can continue to grow.